Rose Essence


Rosa rugosa. Made intuitively on a new moon on June 17 & 18, 2023. Location Van Etten, NY.

The purest form of self-love! Rose teaches us how to open the heart, while keeping it protected. It can help one feel comfortable in their vulnerability. You cannot get close to the soft, sweet-scented flower petals of Rose without touching its tiny thorns that cover the entire stem. Its thorns are a boundary, a protection, and a sacred space. Questions that may come up with Rose are, should anyone be let in that close to my heart? Have I allowed myself to know my heart that closely? Rose assists us in letting go of fear so we can express ourselves in our truest form. It allows us to access the essence of our beauty. It is for those who learned to hide their unique beauty as a way to stay safe. Rose will hold your hand and guide you to see that it is safe to be you. This can be helpful in all relationships; with yourself, with others (platonic/romantic/sexual), with your family of origin or chosen family. When I sat with this plant, I heard¬†the words “star” and “secret”. Who are you here to be in this lifetime? Rose allows for your heart’s deepest desires to shine brightly within you. A sacred secret that emanates from you without effort.

Astrology & Season

Bottled on a new moon in Gemini. The height of blooming/harvesting season, nearing the summer solstice. Helpful to assist with challenges in energies associated with Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars.


“When I am connected to my inner wisdom I am home.”

“My heart has the strength to be open yet protected, vulnerable yet safe.”

“I let go of unhealthy relationship habits and I reclaim the true love that lives within me.”