Hawthorne Essence


Crataegus monogyna. Made intuitively on May 14, 2023. Location: Trumansburg, NY.

The tree of the heart. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with stimulation, causing us to move through our days distracted and with our hearts closed. We all hold heartache or grief for the state of the world, whether personally or collectively. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US, how might the emotional and energetic health of the heart play a role in this? Hawthorn is a magical ally; a nourisher, protector and the embodiment of love and respect. This medicine is delicate, but not fragile. Gentle, yet strong. Its soft flower petals draw inward protectively, and its branches grow long and sharp thorns. Hawthorn will help you in setting boundaries. Different from Rose, though in the Rose family, it is a warrior of the heart. This tree holds an ancient strength. In Celtic folklore, Hawthorn is believed to be guarded by fairies and is said to be a threshold into the spirit realm. It is said that repercussions come to someone who cuts down a Hawthorn tree. Some say “she has always been old.” Hawthorn teaches us the dance of love. When this essence was made, there was energy of contentment, fulfillment, generosity, community support and connection. It can support the healing of a broken heart after the loss of a relationship or death of a loved one as well as assist in healing ancestral trauma. Healing the heart is powerful beyond what our minds can measure. The heart’s energetic field can project and connect between all time and space, and the healing ripples into our past and future.


Taurus sun & Pisces Moon in the sky. Generally, Aquarius energy (friendships, community).


“I open my heart to healing.”

“My heart expands through space and time.”

“I strengthen my connection to my heart, helping to heal generational trauma.”

“My heart’s energy field is infinite.”

“I am healing myself and others by being present with my heart.”

“I give and receive from my heart.”

Hawthorn Song by The Children’s Forest

Hawthorn green,
Tender in springtime,
Fresh young leaves.

Hawthorn white,
Flowers of May light,
Dance of love,

Hawthorn red,
Generous berries,
Tree of heart.

Hawthorn bare,
Sleeping in winter,
Fairies dream.