Datura Essence


Datura wrightii. Made intuitively on August 8, 2023. Location: Trumansburg, NY.

It is quite a magical experience to be in datura’s presence. Also known as moonflower, it has been seen blooming at night. Although, when this essence was made the flowers were blooming in the day time. We see this as darkness being visible in broad daylight, or the unconscious becoming conscious. Seeing what has always been unseen. The moonflower will pull you in with enchanting energy. Dangerous, sensuous, and alluring. There is deep mystery to its magic.

This essence is for those working with themes around empowerment, inner power, and danger of giving your power away. It offers the ability to face the unknown with curiosity and courage, and to allow for complete transformation. Datura’s energy is similar to The Hanged Man tarot card, which calls you to release long-held beliefs and old patterns that are no longer serving you. This makes space for a new perspective and reveals opportunities that would have otherwise been hidden from you. Datura allows you to let go for deep change to happen, especially when there is resistance or disbelief in yourself. Your dreams may be potent with medicinal messaging.