Coltsfoot Essence


Tussilago farfara. Made intuitively on April 5, 2023. Location: Hector, NY.

Coltsfoot grows out of the mud and blossoms before the leaves. Only seen by those who notice, but once seen, it’s everywhere. Contagiousness. For shy or internally quiet individuals who have an eagerness within themselves. For those who desire attention or want to be “center stage”, either externally or internally. This medicine can help balance the desire for attention. Could also be for those who struggle to share their gifts. Coltsfoot is early to bloom. It can be overlooked and gone before we know it. Not “showy”, it’s actually confident in its “hidden-ness”. Self-validating, doesn’t need others to convince them that they are enough. Suddle medicine but can affect people in big ways.

Astrology in the sky

Sun in Aries and Libra full moon around this time. Themes of relationships, boundaries. Committing to a relationship fully or breaking it off. Opposing Chiron and Jupiter in Aries.