Borage Essence


Borago officinalis. Made intuitively on June 6, 2023. Location: Trumansburg, NY.

Borage offers a grounded joy. Calmness. Warmth. Like feeling fresh after a night’s rest. Its wisdom shows us that joy is kept sacred and contained deep inside of us. It is protected. Borage offers a lightness and helps us feel safe to relax into the joy. This space can give more access to your heart’s desire. Like a spa day or vacation. Nothing else to do but enjoy and relax. A weight is lifted off yourself. An internal cool breeze. Connections to the sacral and root chakras.


“Everyday and every moment is fresh and new.”

“I am light as the breeze.”

“A weight has been lifted. I am refreshed and ready for this day.”

“It is safe to relax. I feel safe to relax. “

“There is nothing else to do but relax here in my body.”

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